Our keyhole spay surgery service in Northampton

What is laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is the term given to examination and surgery of the abdomen using a camera (endoscope), rather than making a large incision. This involves inflating the abdomen with carbon dioxide, and introducing a camera and instruments through small ports in the skin (“keyhole surgery”). This has a number of advantages over conventional surgery in appropriate procedures – smaller incisions, reduced pain after surgery meaning a more comfortable patient, fewer stitches and a quicker recovery.

Ovariectomy (Laparoscopic spay)

We can now offer keyhole spay surgery in female dogs. The procedure can be performed instead of a conventional spay surgery. It involves making 2-3 small incisions, and usually the patient is discharged the same day. The procedure involves removal of the ovaries (conventional spay also removes the uterus, although this is shown not to improve rates of incontinence or infection compared to only removing the ovaries). The keyhole spay is quicker and less painful than conventional spay, with a faster recovery. As with humans, we do ask for permission to convert the keyhole procedure to an open one in the unlikely case of complications and we prepare for this eventuality, so the shaved area on your pet may be as large, even if the incisions are small. Please bring your pet starved from midnight the previous night as for normal surgical procedures (they may have free access to water until admission). You will have an admit consultation with the surgeon to discuss all aspects of the procedure and answer any queries you may have. Due to the higher level of surgical training and advanced equipment required, the cost of laparoscopic neutering is higher than the conventional method.

This service costs £800 per animal. Please ask your vet if you are interested in this procedure, or call the practice on 01604 628685 if you have any other questions.

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