Abington Park Referrals

Care through excellence in Northampton

Welcome to Abington Park Referrals

Our Northamptonshire based practice provides veterinary referral services from our Abington & Moulton surgeries. Our referral services include Orthopaedic & Soft Tissue Surgery, Internal Medicine, Oncology & Diagnostic Imaging. Our highly qualified and experienced team use the most up to date diagnostic tools & tests available to veterinary medicine today and we strive to offer the very best treatment options for each case. Round the clock in-patient care is provided by our dedicated veterinary & nursing team.

Abington Park Referrals is part of Abington Park Veterinary Group which runs our primary care practice from our three surgeries in Abington, Moulton, and St James.

We always aim to be as approachable as possible and are very happy to discuss any cases with you prior to referral by phone or email. Please bear in mind however if using email, that we may not have a chance to respond the same day to all queries, so if your case is urgent it is advisable to contact us by phone first.