Musculoskeletal Injuries

Our musculoskeletal injuries service in Northampton

We often see subtle lameness cases where a diagnosis has not previously been possible.  Using the skills of our orthopaedic and imaging clinicians, and a combination of clinical assessment, CT/radiography and musculoskeletal ultrasound (with the use of elastosonography), we can assess ligaments and muscles for acute and chronic injury.

Non-invasive treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, when surgical intervention is not the optimal choice.

By using the Harvest SmartPReP2 Centrifuge, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from a sample of the dog's blood, then this sterile platelet-rich sample is injected into the affected tissue. In mild cases, significant improvement can be achieved by one injection. Positive effect can last up to 6-12 months. Treatment can be repeated.

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