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Abington Park Referrals

Pet Owners - Referral FAQ

What is a veterinary referral? Many of us have been referred to a consultant by our GPs when we have more complex health issues. Veterinary medicine is similar to human medicine , so there are times when your own vet may need to refer your pet to someone with more expertise in a particular area. Abington Park Referrals accept referrals from vets in primary care/ first opinion practice – we also run our own first opinion practice which runs from our three surgeries in Northampton. ( for further details visit )

What happens if my pet has been referred?
Your vet will contact us with details of your pet’s medical history and if you have given permission, copies of the clinical history will usually be forwarded to us before your appointment time.
If it is an emergency appointment your vet may give you copies of the history and any X-rays to bring with you to your appointment.
Our staff will usually contact you to arrange the referral appointment time, but if there are any queries you can always contact us on 01604 628685 / 01604 644171.

What do I need to bring with me?
Any medications your pet is taking.
Any letters, clinical history, test results or x-rays that your vet may have given you.
If your pet is insured please bring a copy of the insurance claim form, signed and completed by the holder of the insurance and a copy of the insurance policy.
A means of payment -as this is required at the time of consultation.
For  further information about insurance claims please see our Terms of Business.

What happens when I arrive?
The referral clinician will examine your pet, review any previous treatments given by your own veterinary surgeon, explain what tests are recommended and give you an estimate of the likely costs involved before any treatment is given.
To get an idea of possible costs involved please see our Pricelists.
The referral clinician may advise that your pet needs to be admitted as an inpatient for diagnostic tests, treatments or surgery .

What happens if my pet is admitted for tests and treatment?
Our dedicated veterinary and nursing staff will care for your pet 24/7.
If your pet needs to stay with us for any length of time you will be updated daily with your pet’s progress and also kept informed of ongoing costs of treatment.
The referral clinician will discuss any test results or surgery with you and formulate your pet’s  treatment plan.

What happens when my pet comes home?
The Referral Clinician will discuss your pet’s treatment with you and advise you whether any further tests, followup appointments or medications are required.
Will my own vet  be updated?
The referral clinician will communicate any results to your own vet -so they will be aware of any treatments or medication your pet has received while under our care.

Can I go back to my own vet for treatments after I have seen you?
This depends on each individual case- your pet may be able to have followup care provided by your own veterinary surgeon.
In some cases your pet may need to return to see our referral clinicians for further diagnostic work or treatments.
Our referral clinicians will keep you and your vet fully informed throughout the referral process.